Our Story

Our Story

Love of craft, love of family

Before providing the most high-end custom doors in Utah and beyond, as teens and young adults brothers Michael and Jayson worked side by side in multiple jobs and developed a vision for continuing as adults in their own business. While starting families Jayson explored his interests of functional design, woodwork, and handmade furniture while Michael studied and earned degrees in accounting. The two always remained close, both as friends and geographically, eventually moving their families together from their native Arizona to Utah to pursue different professional opportunities.

Passion turns into purpose

As he continued to study and gain experience as a woodworker, Jayson found that he had a passion for Japanese and Scandinavian styles, with finished products made from hand tools. He received classical training and went on to work for a Utah cabinet shop. It was here that he discovered an opportunity: producing high-end, custom doors for luxury buildings in Utah and the surrounding states. The idea for how the brothers would go into business together began to take shape.

Leaving a legacy

Because the quality of Jayson’s products is so exceptional, demand for his custom doors quickly grew and he soon brought on younger brother Kendall to learn the craft. The two artists needed customer service mastery, and their father Steven was the next Carlson to join the team, bringing with him a love of working with clients and over 30 years experience.

Finally, with business acumen in hand, Michael joined the team in 2018, enjoying seeing the original dream fully realized.

As an ever-growing family that is daily making memories of their own, the Carlson men love the idea that their custom doors are the entryway into the place where loved ones will live, laugh, and love together.

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